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Growing a business doesn’t simply mean you understand the ins and outs of ROI or even that your product is of one-of-a-kind status (though, this certainly helps). While the aforementioned things should not be understated, a business also entails the ability to coach employees to greatness, establish meaningful relationships, and enjoy yourself along the way are — all of these, both the intrinsic sense of a business-savvy mindset and the ability to form meaningful connections are what has helped Aaron Symank take his side passion in college – a food services business created to help him make a couple of bucks while he was busy in class – to new heights he could have never thought of.

The story for Aaron begins when he was studying Leadership and Business Development with a minor in Business at Texas A&M. After he saw a need in the market, he started a food services business that could help him get some revenue while also helping out a growing customer base that seemed to come for the services but stay for his genuine sense of friendliness. After his food services business started to take off, he managed to form a partnership with FedEx shipping, and from there he started a logistics company. Now, he is an active entrepreneur and a prominent force in Dallas, Texas. And while he wishes he could be as arrogant as to say he had no need for a college education, Aaron is honest enough to admit that he’s drawn on his degree pretty much every day since then.

As of August 2018, Aaron Symank is now the owner of his own wine distribution business – M7 Wine Solutions – a business move that has proved to not only be profitable but one of the most life-giving decisions he’s made throughout his time as a serial entrepreneur. In love with the places he gets to see and the faces he gets to meet along the way, Aaron is proud to have moved into the business of wine-creation and distribution, something that has led him to spend more time in Napa Valley with his wife and beautiful 11-month-old son.

For more, be sure to check back as Aaron Symank shares his insights & updates on business, the importance of keeping it personal, and why money should never trump relationships — even when sealing the deal.

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